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When you plan for a Mobile App Development, you need to automate your business. This should be one of the primary focus while developing a mobile app. You have to implement Automatic Transactional SMS and online Payments on your mobile app to help ease your customers to onboard & make a purchase. 

To enable this feature in your mobile app, you need to seek 3rd party support & complete a few paperwork. This post helps you navigate the process of acquiring an SMS gateway and payment Gateway to facilitate SMS and online payments on your mobile app.

Develop An App To Enable SMS & Online Payment Facility

Primarily, you should start developing apps for your business with strong security features. When you start development with a professional app development company, they always prefer to develop mobile apps with the highest grade of security. 

Understand the stages of Mobile App Development involved in a Quality Development Process. 

Enabling Automatic SMS To Your App Users

This feature helps your users to build trust in your brand as it increases credibility. I’d say, this is the most important feature too…You might need SMS to authenticate Phone Numbers, verify Users, update purchase details, track shipments, etc., 

Apart from the above, you can use the SMS feature to promote your products & services too – this comes under the Promotional SMS Package.

Choose 3rd Party SMS Gateway Provider

To enable this feature you should choose the best SMS gateway provider. In India, SMS gateway protocols are regulated by TRAI & will keep changing regularly. So, for different countries process to acquire an SMS gateway is different. 

Once you choose the Gateway provider, you’ll get an SMS API to integrate into your App that enables SMS facilities for your business.

Process Of Acquiring 3rd Party SMS Gateway For Your Mobile AppI

Checklist to Acquire SMS Gateway In India

  1. You need PAN of Directors
  2. PAN of Company
  3. Address & ID Proof of Directors – Adhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, etc., 
  4. Address proof of your business – GST Certificate, Incorporation Certificate, Import/Export registration certificate, TAN, FSSAI License, etc., 
  5. Letter of Authorization from Director. 

Once you are ready with the above documents, proceed with the SMS service provider registration. 

Steps To Get SMS API From Service Provider 

  1. Choose the best SMS gateway service provider & sign up with them on their website. 
  2. Complete the DLT registration with TRAI. You can do this only if you have a registered Company or Organization in India.
    Note: Individuals are not allowed to apply for DLT registration with TRAI. Click here to see the DLT Registration Process. 
  3. Once after submit an application, you will receive an ENTITY ID from DLT providers. 
  4. Then, you have to choose an Alpha Number SENDER ID/HEADER as an identity for the FROM address of your organization. 
  5. Once the SENDER ID/HEADER is approved, you will have to enter message templates. Each approved message template receives a Template ID. 
  6. Use the SENDER ID/Header/Template ID with the registered SMS Service Provider to get an SMS API. 

If you are an organization, check for your DLT registration eligibility & then apply, you can do this by yourself. In case, if you see any trouble during the process, our executive can help you in getting DLT registration for your Business or Mobile App. 

Integrate SMS API To Your Mobile App

Once you are done with the entire process of getting SMS API, you can provide the same to App developers to integrate into your mobile application. You’ll have a separate dashboard provided by the SMS Service provider to manage payments, message templates, and sender ID. 

Once the integration is done, developers test it in Test mode for SMS notifications, User Experience & compatibility. So, you enabled SMS for your Mobile Application with ease. You can hire us to take care of the Documentation process to get DLT registration & SMS API from SMS Service providers.

Integrating Online Payments To Your Mobile App

In order to enable online payments, you should choose 3rd party service providers like Razorpay, PayU, CC Avenue, etc., We call them Payment Gateway, the service providers charge their customers some percentage of Transactions & GST is imposed on it. Hence, choose the profitable Payment Gateway providers for you.

Easy Steps to Get Online Payment Gateway for Your App

  1. Choose the best Payment Gateway service provider for your app considering their charges, service & support. 
  2. Sign up & create your organization profile on their website & complete your profile
  3. They ask you for all legal documents to get started with Payment Gateway API. Be ready with all documents as below – 
    • Registration Certificate of Organization – GST Certificate/ Incorporation Certificate/PAN/TAN
    • Business Name
    • Date of Incorporation
    • Place of Business
    • Nature of Business
  4. You should complete your KYC with the gateway provider. 
  5. Complete the director’s KYC with all documents required by them. 
  6. Once after verification, you will be offered an app testing API key to integrate with the Mobile App. 
  7. Add your Bank details & select the nature of payments & update your website address with Payment policies in the dashboard provided by the service provider. 

Once, you are done with all the steps, initially, you can test the app with TEST KEY provided by the Gateway providers, then you can enable live key to enable the actual payment gateway to automate online payments.

SMS Gateway & Payment Gateway Assistance

For many businesses, the directors or team may face difficulty with the process of getting Payment & SMS Gateway to their business. Hence, we assist our clients to get Payment & SMS gateway hassle-free by taking care of perfect documentation. Our executives make the process easier to get these important APIs in time & shall ensure no delay in the project execution. 

When do you Need Payment & SMS Gateway during App Development?

You can start applying for these gateways once app developers start your project. Depending on the complexity of the project, the timeline of the project differs. Once, you check with your app development team for the exact time they need these APIs & you can start the process accordingly. In standard, the payment & SMS gateway APIs are required after 60% of project completion.

On Concluding-

It is always observed, that the project deadlines are extended due to the nonavailability of Payment & SMS gateways at the right time. I think this post can help you understand the acquiring process more easily & to stay within the project deadlines. 

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