Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have listed down some questions & answered for those you might have in mind

Mobile App Development Companies work on designing & developing mobile applications for Android, iOS & Microsoft Operating systems depending on the client requirement. 

We use various mobile app building technology & programming languages as per the client & project requirement. Our App expert explains you the technology we use to develop app before getting started the project. 

We have provided the detailed mobile app development process here. Click Here

We consider the lack of response as a Biggest issue during mobile app development. There will be various scenarios, where company needs client’s feedback & vice-versa, if there is a delayed response & improper communication that can divert the flow of project. 

We provide 1 month free maintenance for All Mobile Apps & Websites designed by GSA Techworld. You can choose to go for a paid maintenance plan once the free period is completed. 

You cannot make changes for free once the app is live. If there are any error persists even after app is live, within 1 month, under Free maintenance plan, we help you fix the error. But for any other changes in terms of Requirement, Feature, Color, etc., it is chargeable additional.

Yes, we do build apps for both Android & iOS using Native Android, Native iOS & React Native technologies. 

While coding the product, we close all backdoors & test thoroughly for any vulnerabilities in M0bile App or Website. We ensure 0 backdoors before hosting it on a server. 

The duration to build a Mobile App or A Website depends on the type, complexity & technology used. If the features are more, time required is more. If app requires best technology, to ensure best quality the time required is more!

We have a specialized Digital Marketing Team to create a Brand Strategy & promote it across planned marketing channels.

A clear project requirement & thorough consultation is must required to proceed further for mobile app development. During consultation all the basic & required details are provided by our App Expert. 

There are lot of cost deciding factors for a mobile app development. To know more about Mobile App development costings, click here.

Mobile app helps your business grow in various ways. To know more about the need of mobile app, click here.

Yes, we have a support team to assist you further technically once your mobile app is live on Playstore.

Yes, there are many apps, that can be developed within a month. If your mobile is very simple, then it can be developed within a month of time. 

Just get in touch with our App Experts, they will take you through the process of Planning, Validating & then development of Mobile Applications. Click here to get started.

Yes, we can do that for you. Only thing is you should have the mobile app source code with you to do so. 

We contact our clients with a periodic updates & whenever we require an input from them. 

Yes, we work with lot of Startups & we understand the need of confidentiality. This has been our primary attention & we sign NDA with all our clients (sometimes before discussing ideas). Our whole team is also aligned with the same principle of maintaining confidentiality to provide the safe zone to our clients.

A series of tests will be performed to check the various functionalities of mobile app from our end. You can also do a manual testing when you receive an APK or IPA file. 

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