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What is Website Development?

According to GeeksforGeeks,Web development refers to the building, creating, and maintaining of websites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. It is the creation of an application that works over the internet i.e. websites.” Website gives your business an Identity in Online World. This is internet world, businesses without website are loosing many untapped customers & locations. Data oriented website User Interface (It means, UI designs done on basis of sensitive facts), Providing excellent User eXperience, optimised contents for Search Engines, well organised website structure & high converting landing pages are essentials of website to make it stand out from competition & expand your customer base.

In GSA Techworld, we design website for Client’s Success. Our developed website are appreciated globally for its Breakneck Performance, Appealing Design of User Interface & Magnificent User Experience. 

Website Design vs Website Development

What is Website Design?

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Website Designing

Website Design is a process before development. It is preparation of User Interface & flow of website. Designer decides the appearance of website & uses compatible elements to design. Once, this process is complete, we shall wait for client's opinion & ask for changes if any. 

What is Website Development?

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Website Development

Website Development is an extended process of website designing. Once after client's approval, we start development of backend which involves coding. After code test, API integrations & 3rd Party integrations, we integrate frontend & backend.

Why Your Business Need A Website?

Increase credibility of your business with Website

93% people approach Google to search solutions!

Build Trust

People rely on google for many local businesses. People want to know about your business before they come to you. Website is effective media to communicate your business information to market.

Increase ROI

If you are a B2B business or business with long sales process, a website fetch you organic leads. You be the first to solve people problem & increase revenue of your business. Minimum investment in website takes your ROI positive side.

Increase Market Share

Almost 93% people rely on Google for solution. Clearly, you are serving 7% of market. A developed website for your business helps to expand customer reach & scalability of business. Tap untapped market & acquire customer at less cost.

Data Driven Decisions

Developing website help you in crucial tasks. Analytics & user behaviour reports of your website tells more about your business. These data can be used to expand capabilities & enhance user experience.

How our Web Development help your Business?

Website development is an art of describing a business. This description is a creative & collaborated efforts of Market researchers, UI Designers & Developers. There are series of principled actions we take to ensure to make a Masterpiece Website. Also, there are few outcomes clients should expect from a Website Designers & Website Development Agency.

We collaborate Digital Marketing & Web Development teams to make your Website stand out of competition. Learn How >>

What you should expect from Website Development Company?

Structured Website Flow

Well structured website resolves 50% technical issues prior development. Developer should provide wireframe detailing website structure before starting website design.

Superfast Page Loading

Site Speed & page loading time are critical factors for a website to provide good user experience & keep website users engaged with your business.

Responsive Web Design

More than 50% website traffic comes from mobile. Designing website for mobile compatibility is your right. Speak with your web designer prior starting web designing.

Optimised Content for Search Engines

Engaging & eye catching content with sufficient keywords for your business is essential. Web developer should collaborate with marketing team for better outcome of website concerning SEO.

Responsive Web Design Services!

Learn More About Responsive Websites

Responsive web designing is in more demand as the number of mobile users crossed 2.71 Billion as per review42.com
Understand What is Responsive Web Design & Need of Responsive website for the extensive purpose. In the last 12 months, 87.15% of total users are from chrome. It means Google is the most preferred search engine of Indians. 99.8% of users use Google to find solutions & here comes the role of Responsive web design.

Add SEO along with Website Development Project!

SEO strategized websites Rank better on Google in a short time! Our data-oriented approach to choosing responsive website layout & keyword research during website development adds more On-Page SEO Scores to your website. Our SEO Specialists are keenly experienced in collaborating with our Creative Website developers for maximizing SEO Score & Page Experience. 

Phases of Website Development

Clients should be well aware about the phases of website development to help tracking more easier. We offer you a platform to track your website development process periodically & stay in touch with team. We facilitate you an option to raise any concerns during website development process & resolve it instantly. 


We start with a discussion of your project with our web development team. We need to understand your requirement thoroughly & add our views to your requirements (if needed). Our industry experts can help you with insights.

Website Structure

Once project is finalised, we conduct market research to note focus points. We do competition analysis & then proceed with preparing Website wireframe & architecture. This gives you clear picture about website flow.

UI/UX Designs

Further we proceed with UI Designs for your website. Our web designers discuss with you about design requirements. Our creative graphic designers produce eye-popping web design & flow, then pass it for clients approval.

Backend Development

Once website design is confirmed, we start backend development with preferred backend technology. Here we ensure secure coding & check for vulnerabilities. We program for best user experience & web security.

API Integration

For website, during development APIs are required to perform certain functions in website. To ensure all features are embedded, we develop API & integrate with UI. This is most essential phase of web development.

Structured Web Content

In collaboration with SEO specialists, we conduct keyword research for your website to prepare converting & optimised contents. This is considered as a separate requirement & not included in web development. 

Testing & Live

Once, website is fully functional, we make it live with the domain & hosting service clients prefer. We conduct testing before making live & after live for errors, vulnerabilities & design compatibilities.

Digital Marketing & Web Development – A Good Idea?

Combining Digital marketing & Web development is a great idea. In simple words, both teams work together to prepare an exceptional website for business. Increase sales, Drive Traffic, Boost Conversions & Rank top on Google Search with this special package.

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