7 Factors that Decides App Development Cost in India

App development cost in india

List of 7 Cost Deciding factors for App Development in India

  1. Type of Your Business Model
  2. The expertise of the Mobile App Developer Team
  3. Technology Used for Mobile App Development
  4. Design Quality & Functionality Requirement
  5. Type of Hosting & Server You Choose To Host Mobile App
  6. Number of Features Required & Complexity of Development
  7. A number of 3rd Party API integration

In this technical world full of technologies, almost every individual is spending half of their time using their mobile phone as it is the new normal of the universe. With the effect of this, it becomes the responsibility of the mobile app development industry to ensure that users have access to high-quality content via mobile apps. 

When it comes to becoming a successful mobile app development industry, developers must stick to following several guidelines so that they can produce apps that work well and provide an excellent user experience. 

Depending on their app concept, developers create apps based on various factors. These cost-deciding factors for app development determine the final cost of the app; this is helpful in contributing to a positive user experience.

Overview of App Development Costings

Many factors influence the price, which depends on the complexity of the app development, the average cost will be:

  1. Simple App Development Cost – INR 50,000/- to 2,00,000/-
  2. Average App Development Cost – INR 2,00,000/- to 6,00,000/-
  3. Complex App Development Cost – From INR 6,00,000/-

The cost of app development dramatically depends on the type of application, and the company that handles the project too! The above prices are just an overview of the charges & not the exact price offered by the service provider. Continue reading to know more about app pricing…

In the future, it’s expected that a majority of mobile application development companies will focus on creating browser-based applications that are device-agnostic.

Having an understanding of the major issues of mobile app development will help you make the most cost-effective decisions. The cost of the product helps facilitate the best return on your development. This will also help you stay within your budget.

How App Development Cost is Decided in India?

1. Type of Your Business Model & Requirement

All over the globe, there are customers who spend around 22.6 billion USD on mobile apps. Along with this, there are about 178+ billion apps that are downloaded every year, and it is expected to grow steadily to 258 billion by the end of 2022.

Substantially, the fundamental factors that include the type of business, the target users, and services constitute to help to decide the overall budget of the design. With the passage of time, the consumption of the application is also increasing, which is directly associated with the cost of the product.

2. The expertise of a Team of Mobile App Developers

Based on its purpose and the value proportion with the core business function, the importance of the product varies. Hence, based on the adequacy and complexity of the app, enterprises can set up an in-house team with the best app developers.

Regardless of this, enterprises can rely on any of the app development agencies.

3. Technology Used for Mobile App Development

Different programming languages are efficient in creating apps for iOS and Android. An app that works on both platforms will require more work to develop and will cost more. To support Android and iOS, the app developer needs to construct the front end of the app twice (in Java and Swift/Objective C).
One can also utilize of cross-platform framework like React Native that offers a cost-effective substitute for creating the front end twice.

By this, the programmers will be able to develop the code in one go and export it as a native app for each device.

4. Design Quality & Required Functionalities

The app development cost varies on the basis of the design and functionalities of the application. As per the service providers, advanced functions have to be inclusive of the seamless performance of tasks and help in providing a better user experience.

A couple of functional models that are inclusive of list-based apps and real-time service-based apps incur different cost variables in the app development process. A simple list-based application that doesn’t require a server-based service is the basic yet affordable model. However, the dynamic application asks a great expense of effort and cost.

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5. Type of Hosting & Server You Choose to Host Mobile App

Mobile applications carry loads of data and exchange it in real-time interactions. It might be confidential transactions, user search data, employee data, and many more. Any vulnerability that appears in the data determines the life span of the business. Hence, the importance of an efficient app hosting provider with cutting-edge security measures is quite large.

Substantially, as per the scale of the business and traffic density, appropriate servers have to be rented. Exclusively, dedicated servers with advanced multi-layer security measures are recommended to deliver a smooth and uninterrupted service

6. Number of Features Required & Complexity of Developing it

A photo or video editing app does not require the features like geo-location services, chat support, video calling, and many more. Whereas at the time of building the app for food ordering, complexities such as payment gateways, databases, backend development, chat, order tracking, and other relevant features will be an integral part of the process.

The time and cost to develop a mobile app are hugely dependent on the feature list and functionality of the mobile app. The concept determines the importance of categorizing the primary and secondary features to bridge the gap between the time, cost, and expectations for the app.

7. Number of Third-Party APIs to Integrate for Mobile App

API (Application Programming Interfaces) is a language that is helpful in enabling connectivity that assists apps in communicating and sharing data without using any human interface. The role of APIs is to facilitate the interface by which the app communicates with other services. Thus, if your developed app needs to connect with other services, you can either develop one or utilization of third-party API. For instance, Facebook or Instagram API for quick registration or payment APIs like PayPal, Razorpay, PayUmoney, CC Avenue, etc.,  facilitates in-app purchase. If you create APIs, it will increase the time and cost of the development.

Start Your Project after Deciding this Important Aspect

Many companies undermine the importance of app security even though it is essential. The application must keep the data that are retrieved from users Safe, as losing data may make you look untrustworthy to your existing and potential customers. It is relevant to make an investment in data security while developing the application, as a major security breach can break your business.
Only start if you are assured of Data Safety as your idea really matters to this universe!

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