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Kotlin was renowned as the 4th most-loved language in the year 2020. Kotlin ranked 2nd position in the top 5 Android programming languages all over the globe. Let’s look into Guide to Kotlin for Android App Development. 

Kotlin is an official language of Mobile App development that various developers learn. Learning Kotlin is one of the smoothest ways. If the learner is not familiar with any other programming language, then in that case, it would be easier to achieve the desired lessons

Introduction to Kotlin For Android App Development

Kotlin is a statically typed object-oriented, cross-platform, and general-purpose programming language.  Kotlin for Android development was developed by JetBrains, particularly for Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Kotlin is one of the most highly demanded and rapidly growing languages for Android app development after Java. With the increasing popularity of Kotlin, a lot of companies are opting to shift their code base from Java to Kotlin.

Kotlin Adds More Performance to Android Apps!

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What is Better? Kotlin or Java for Android App Development

The lines of code in Kotlin that a developer needs to write are fewer compared to Java. This simply states that the developer can accomplish the assigned task in lesser time and effort with Kotlin. The codes can be easily read.

With the help of these features, the developer of Kotlin can easily make the identification of bugs and errors. Here are some of the characteristics of Kotlin-

1. Interoperability

Interoperability is an admirable feature of the Kotlin language. It doesn’t matter whether you have written a piece of code in Java or Kotlin; both will work together.

The help of the tool can be taken in Android Studio to transform the Java code into Kotlin.

2. Brilliant IDE and Support

JetBrains back Kotlin. Kotlin is inherited with extended support. The number of contributors compared to Java-like languages has surged. One can take the help of the growing community to fix the issues in the existing project.

3. Null Safety

Kotlin helps boost the safety of the applications, which helps remove the need to assign a variable or object. With this effect, the developers of Kotlin can boost their productivity while enabling the smooth functioning of the app.

Whereas Java used to consume a lot of time as Null Pointer Exception causes errors. The developers are assigned a null value to the variables and object reference.

4. Code Compilation Timing and Performance

With the help of Kotlin, the compilation of time and good performance can be achieved. The developer feels free to make use of Kotlin over choosing Java. Still, it has a long way to go in meeting the compilation speed of Java.

The compilation time of Java programs can be 10-15% faster. But when it comes to compiling programs incrementally, Kotlin does it better.

5. Functional Programming

Java supports functional programming while using the latest versions, whereas Kotlin contains procedural and functional programming compatibility.

It is helpful in facilitating access to some of the relevant features and functions like higher-order functions, inline functions, generics, recursion, anonymous functions, etc. All of these characteristics are essential for functional programming.

6. Checked Exceptions

A check exception or a logical expression determines the fact that something is wrong with the available code. At the time of the compilation process, it becomes easy to tackle things.

If a method carries that expression, the developers are assigned the “thrown” keyword. This helps save the time of developers to go through all the nonexistent exceptions and write the entire code.

7. Delegation

Kotlin can delegate an operation to the second delegate object, which is termed a helper object. Such objects are loaded with original content so that no developer needs not to mention the same again and again.

8. Data Classes

While working with big projects, the number of data classes is high, and their basic purpose is to hold the data. To accomplish a task with Java, one has to perform a lot of things like defining constructors, fields for data storage, etc.

In Kotlin, you can add the “data” keyword in the class definition to avoid manual setup.

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What is the future of Kotlin in Android Apps Development?

Kotlin has been gaining popularity as a programming language for Android app development since its introduction in 2016. It was created by JetBrains, the same company that develops the popular IntelliJ IDEA integrated development environment (IDE), and it is designed to be concise, expressive, and safer than other programming languages. Kotlin has quickly become the preferred language for many Android developers, and it is now officially supported by Google for Android app development.

One of the main advantages of Kotlin is that it is fully interoperable with Java, which means that developers can use both languages in the same project without any issues. This makes Kotlin a great choice for companies that have already invested in Java and want to migrate to a more modern language without having to rewrite all of their existing code.

Another advantage of Kotlin is that it has many features that make programming easier and more efficient, such as type inference, null safety, and extension functions. These features can help developers write code that is less error-prone and more concise, which can lead to faster development times and fewer bugs.

In terms of the future of Kotlin for Android app development, it seems likely that it will continue to grow in popularity. Google has already embraced Kotlin, and it is now the fourth most popular programming language on the Android platform, behind Java, C++, and JavaScript.

One reason for this is that Kotlin is designed to be future-proof, meaning that it is built with features that will make it easier to adopt new technologies and programming paradigms as they emerge. For example, Kotlin has built-in support for coroutines, which are a way of writing asynchronous code that is becoming more popular in modern programming.

Another reason for Kotlin’s popularity is that it is well-suited to the modern Android development ecosystem. Kotlin has excellent support for Android Studio, the official IDE for Android app development, and it integrates seamlessly with the Android SDK and other popular Android development tools.

It is Always Advised to Stay Upgraded with Kotlin!

Kotlin is a modern, expressive, and safe programming language that is rapidly gaining popularity among Android developers (explore the best Mobile App Developers in Bangalore). Its interoperability with Java, powerful features, and excellent tooling support make it a great choice for companies that are looking to migrate to a more modern language for Android app development. As the Android development ecosystem continues to evolve, it seems likely that Kotlin will continue to play a significant role in the future of Android app development. A last piece of advice we give you is to choose the Best Mobile App Developers to work on your project!

FAQ about Kotlin Used in Android App Development

Kotlin is a programming language that can be used for developing Android apps. It is designed to be more concise, expressive, and safer than Java, the traditional language for Android development. Kotlin can help developers write code that is more maintainable, less error-prone, and easier to understand.

No, it is not necessary to learn Kotlin to develop Android apps. Java is still a widely used language for Android development, and many developers continue to use it. However, Kotlin is becoming increasingly popular among Android developers due to its advantages over Java.

Kotlin offers several benefits over Java, such as:

  • Less code: Kotlin is more concise than Java, which means less code to write and maintain.
  • Increased safety: Kotlin includes features that help prevent common errors, such as null pointer exceptions.
  • Interoperability: Kotlin is designed to be fully interoperable with Java, which means developers can use both languages together in the same project.
  • Enhanced readability: Kotlin’s syntax is designed to be more readable and intuitive than Java’s, making it easier to understand and maintain code.

Kotlin is not necessarily faster than Java for Android development, as both languages compile to the same bytecode and run on the same virtual machine. However, Kotlin can help developers write more efficient and optimized code, which can result in better performance for the app.

There are many resources available for learning Kotlin for Android development, such as online courses, tutorials, and documentation. Some popular resources include the official Kotlin documentation, Udacity’s Kotlin for Android Developers course, and the Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers course on Udacity. Additionally, many Android development tools, such as Android Studio, now include support for Kotlin, making it easier to integrate into your workflow.

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